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April 10, 2016

Franz Luftfahrt's Powered Paraglider Model for FSX and Prepar3D

Franz Luftfahrt has created a great model of a powered paraglider that can be used in either Microsoft FSX or Lockheed Martin Prepar3D programs.

Per information from the download site: "The Franz Luftfahrt Paramotor for FSX & P3D has been designed to give you a truly realistic feeling of flying a real Paramotor. This experience is enhanced in combination with flights in the many highly detailed scenery series by such renowned developers as ORBX, FlyTampa, 29 Palms, Aerosoft and many more. This slow moving aircraft enables you to fully explore all the details these different sceneries have to offer, while flying low and slow over them."

The aircraft is amazingly detailed and renders nicely in either program.  The model can be downloaded here:


Paragliding VR from Saltcake

Another cool simulator has been recently shown at a consumer trade show. Per information from the company: "'Paragliding VR' is a virtual reality paragliding simulation using Oculus Rift, Kinect and Arduino.  In this simulation, the user sits on the simulator seat, and gets immersed in a paragliding experience. In order to complete the simulation and successfully land, one must follow the route and get all the targets. To enhance the realistic experience, a fan is linked to the simulator to allow the user to feel the wind on every turn."  A video of this simulator in action can be seen here:


Web Site Overview

The intent of this site is to show you what's available in regards to powered paragliding (also known as PPG or Paramotoring) VR simulation.  I've created guidelines to help you construct your own PPG simulator which can give you the feeling you're flying one in a completely immersive virtual environment. You can also simulate non-powered (paragliding) and PPG trike flying as well.

You can fly anywhere, anytime, in any weather pattern you select, and fly in either the 1st person or 3rd person perspective. You can soar ridge lift off the coast of Corsica, or go cross-country across the heartland of America, hopping from thermal to thermal. Most available flight simulator software allows unlimited customization of the flying scenarios and scenery that you so choose.

Of course, flying a simulator would never take the place of piloting a real PPG or paraglider. But, if the weather outside is blown out, or for those significant others or friends who would never think of flying a PPG, then a simulator just might suffice. Use of the simulator might even draw non-pilots into stepping into the "real world" sport of flying a PPG.  Training aspects of using a simulator are also possible.  I've found the project to be a very satisfying endeavor

Build Guide Information

The VR PPG Simulator Build Guide is available here:


PPG Simulator Information  - Click here to see the Information Page for PPG Simulator Requirements, Elements of the Build, and Hardware/Software used

PPG Simulator Photos - Click Here for Photos of my Prototype PPG Simulator

About the Website Author and Contact Information

I've been creating and building Powered Paragliding VR simulators since 2009, and have thousands of flights flying the real thing since 1998!

If you have any news to share about PPG VR simulation, please feel free to contact me:

Mark Deseck


The author flying over his field in a real powered paraglider near Saline, Michigan


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