6/24/11 PPG Simulator News - Simulator Software Update

I thought I'd give a quick status update regarding my pursuit of using Microsoft FSX for my simulator set-up. It's been busy lately between work, summer time activities with the family, and (of course) flying!

The good news is that I had success finding some very nice animated models of a paraglider and powered paraglider for FSX; the bad news is that the flight models for both need a lot of work as the flight dyamincs are way off. I've got some work to do on the configuration file to correct this issue (if at all possible!), and unfortunately I haven't had time to do this. Hopefully over the course of the coming weeks I'll be able to spare some time.

As I've stated previously, I believe FSX has merit due to the amount of detailed sceneries that are available compared to VSF, but I'm not completely sold yet until I can get models working as great as they do in VSF.



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