08/11/13 PPG Simulator News

Detroit Maker Faire July 27-28 PPG Simulator Demonstration

I'll be demonstrating the Hang Time Paraglider Simulator at this year's
Detroit Maker Faire on July 27-28, 2013. It'll be located inside the Henry Ford
Museum near the aircraft exhibit.

The Maker Faire is a fantastic event to see all kinds of creative and unique
inventions at work and play. Many are hands-on exhibits (like the ppg sim) or will
allow you to create and make your own ideas come to life.


Latest Hang Frame Photos

I recently took a few photos of my latest powered paraglider simulator creations. The first set of pictures are of the H-frame attached to a modified portable hoist. What's great about this set-up is that it's easy to move the simulator around (it's on casters) and its easy to transport to demonstration shows (the legs swing in and the arm can lower to the floor). I have a few more modifications to make (such as welding an extension tube to the mounting bar to allow for more headroom), but it works pretty well in its current configuration.

The next photo is a new design I created by building a T-frame to hold the toggles and attaching it to a computer chair. This is a much more simpler and compact design for use in my home office. It does lack the suspended feeling of using a H-frame configuration, but it still works great. I'm able to use the original controller box, so all control inputs feel and work the same as with the H-frame suspended design:


Recent Videos

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