1/1/15 Powered Paraglider Simulator in Brazil

Francisco Assis, from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, has designed and built a very nice paraglider/powered paraglider simulator. I'm happy to say that I was able to provide the control plans and the retractable wire pots for his creation, but Francisco did all the hard work! His simulator can be found here:


Francisco is 64 years old and started his flying exploits since he was 14 (that's 50 years!). He's flown aeromodels, paragliders, powered ultralights, powered paragliders, and, of course, flight simulators. His background includes working for a large naval engineering company as a Marine Surveyor for type approval of various products and manufacturers.

Today, Francisco flies a PPG consisting of an APCO force with Top 80 or Blackdevil/GForce, and he also free flies an ELLUS 4 manufactured by SOL Paraglider in Brazil. He may be one of the first paragliders in Brazil as he started in the 90s!