PPG Simulator News 12/13/10

Brought the wiimote-based sim to a recent PPG Christmas party. Some of the party goers who had never have flown a ragwing before got a kick out of it. Kinda cool to see their reaction to it (even if it is only a virtual flight).

Although there was less "stuff" to take in regards to the equipment compared to my earlier rig (no hanging frame or controller box), set-up was probably longer than the original sim and the "virtual" wiimote controls were somewhat glitchy.

That's ok though since I'm on my next project: Steel constructed hang frame, harness, real brake-toggles (as before), risers, weightshift, and speedbar. (The later one will require some new physics to the model, so it'll be an option for now.) I need another project over Christmas break, so I should have this going by the 1st of the new year. This should also be a rather "compact" unit.

Update 4/16/11:  A Wiimote Control Guide is now available for viewing in the Simulator Build guide section.


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