PPG Simulator News - 3/20/11

My good friend, Vern Allen, put his welding skills to good use and we fabbed the steel prototype of the H-frame for the updated PPG simulator (now fittingly called the "Hang-Man"). A few photos that follow show the build progression:

Work in Progress. H-Frame tipped the scales at around 16 lbs.

Completed H-Frame

Vern taking a break on the finished product

And a short video clip:


As you can see, the new prototype now entails realistic risers and another degree of motion compared to the first prototype, so weight shift is now part of the action.

The next step is to transfer the computer controls from the first prototype to this one, and also to work on a couple of control concepts to provide brake-induced motion. Once that is set, I'll remove all the hardware, get the H-frame primed and painted, and then reinstall. It should be ready for the next rainy weekend!

Of course, there's still more to do, including working on the Hang-Man backbone (free standing frame) so that we won't have to depend on hanging the frame from the ceiling joists!



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