PPG Simulator News - 04/15/11

New Paraglider Frame Builder

A fellow paraglider and simmer has designed and constructed a hang-frame from wood! Luci Avramescu has built a box-frame that, from early photographs, appears to be very well made. Luci has asked that I wait until he provides some updated photos before I publish anything, so you'll have to wait to see what his finished product looks like when I get the new pics. His design would provide yet another alternative for construction of a paraglider simulator!

New Paraglider Simulator Software Program

Andy Gilbert from the UK has created a fantastic new paraglider simulator program called Parafly. He doesn't have a web site yet, but he does have a forum available where you can view his progress and watch videos of his yet-to-be-released product:


From what I've seen so far from the videos, his early work is the most realistic paragliding flight simulator I've seen! Very fine texturing and physics abound (which he's still working on), and he will soon have a Beta release version of his program available for download.

New Wiimote Control Scheme

I've put together a how-to guide on creating a paraglider control set-up using Wiimotes. It actually works quite well, albeit not as precise as the wire pot controls in the original set-up. Still, you can't beat the price! (In fact, Luci created his paraglider controls using Wiimotes and has had good success!). Update: The Wiimote Control guide is available in the Simulator Build Guide link.



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