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PPG Simulator News 11/23/10 


I've got a working prototype of the new brake toggle "control" scheme.  What's required?  A couple of infra-red (RD) pens, a pair of WIImotes, and a bluetooth USB adapter for your PC.  It works great!  As I mentioned in my previous post, its not as good as using the wire pots for the toggles, but it works ok (especially for the price!).  And besides, its totally wireless! Also new is a website forum. (Link is found along the top of the web page).  Please post questions, comments, or ideas here.

PPG Simulator News  11/15/10

 I'm working on a new control scheme using a couple of Wiimotes and IR pens.  It works really well, although not as "realistic" feeling as having physical hand toggles.  PICS will be soon to follow!

PPG Simulator News  7/22/10

The  linear wire pots are now at a reduced price:  $159 USD each!  I was able to make a large batch buy so I can now offer them at a discount.  See the web store for more information. 

PPG Simulator News  6/28/10

I've started a Paraglider/PPG Simulator forum through Yahoo Groups to discuss any simulator software, hardware, or construction questions or ideas.  Feel free to join at: 

PPG Simulator News  6/15/10

I brought the ppg sim to Terry Lutke's spring fly-in in Holland, MI, over the weekend of 6/4-6/6.  I got some very positive feedback, along with some great input for improvements!

I'm currently working on two new designs for the frame.  One will be a full paraglider simulator set-up, using an extruded aluminum constructed frame, that will allow for weight shift and lateral movement based on brake input for a very realistic experience.  The other will be a smaller frame (again, made from extruded aluminum) that can be used with your standard PC chair, but offers full brake and engine controls. 

PPG Simulator News 3/1/10 is now!  This will allow for the site to become searchable through google, yahoo, etc.

Wil Jones from Talking PPG Radio interviewed me about the simulator project.  You can listen to the podcast right here (Click on #35):

Thanks Wil!  It was great talking with you.  You can visit Wil's site to check out some great PPG conversations from people in our sport:

PPG Simulator News 1/29/10

 The VR PPG Simulator Build Guide is available.  You can access it here:

The web store is up and running to purchase the potentiometers noted in the build guide:

PPG Simulator News 1/14/10

I'll have the PPG Simulator Build Guide available next Tuesday (1/19) for those wanting to attempt building their own simulator.  Hopefully, it'll provide enough guidance in constructing your own, and easy enough to follow (for the average layperson).

I also have some preliminary pricing available for the controller box components.  (The controller box is what translates the physical inputs of the left and right brake toggles and the throttle controller into an electronic signal that the computer can read; you can think of the controller box as being a joystick.)  Visit the PPG Simulator Information page (link below) for more information on pricing:

PPG Simulator News 1/11/10

The how-to guide to building your own simulator is almost complete.  I'm also working out the details of how to obtain some of the necessary components for a reasonable price.  I should have more information available by week's end.

PPG Simulator News 6/15/10 1/2/10 - 1/3/10

Weather has been around the 15-degree mark with high winds (wind chill in the negative), so I've been resigned to making modifications to the simulator and building some various scenarios to try out.  Actual flying of my real world ppg will have to wait.

As far as modifications, I hooked up a couple of bungies to the brake lines to give better brake feel.  I would say it gives about 5 lbs of progressive pull that would approximate a wing with light brake pressure.  Nice addition to the realism.

I also created some custom scenery files and various scenarios.  Vehicle Simulator allows complete scenery, weather, and object control, so you can set up just about any kind of flying scenario that you can think of and fly in it virtually.  Want to launch off the deck of the USS Enterprise and fly circles around its conning tower?  Or fly around the inside of a football stadium?  Its possible to do so.

PPG Simulator News 12/31/09

Just installed a push-button switch on the throttle controller to turn the engine on and off.  Nice feature to have to be able to switch between powered and non-powered flight on the fly.

PPG Simulator News 12/29/09

I assembled the flight simulator frame in my computer room, connected the controller box to the PC, loaded the sim software, calibrated the toggles and throttle, and successfully operated the PPG simulator for the first time!  I must admit, it's working better than I expected, and the feeling of flying a PPG has been reproduced about as close as I could expect it to be.  My wife and son then took turns (once they were able to get me out of the harness), and it was great seeing the smile on their faces as they virtually soared!

PPG Simulator News 12/27/09

Tested controller box.  Waiting for sim software update to utilize axis inputs.

PPG Simulator News 12/26/09

Cut and assembled the PVC frame.

PPG Simulator News 12/24/09

Built the controller box.

PPG Simulator News 12/23/09

Received all parts required for building the simulator, which includes purchase of frame material (PVC) and all hardware.

PPG Simulator News 12/19/09

Started planning and design phase of project.  Started ordering necessary components online.



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